Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First report from Shackleton Traverse

Magnus Day, skipper yacht Pelagic Australis reports:

We finally got our intrepid mountaineers off the boat this morning about
0700 UT after a reasonable ammount of last minute delays and a huge
ammount of breakfast (Cam).

Weather was somewhere just above freezing with light westerly winds and
very poor viz in frequent snow storms.

Cam made a big splash (literally ) when he fell into the water getting
out of the Zode onto the beach. Too much breakfast?

Two Pelagic Australis crew accompanied the guys up to the gear cache at
the snow line about a mile inland to bring down welly boots and other
unwanted gear and reported a smoothish departure hampered only by a 60kt
gust as they were sorting gear.

Back on the mothership we were able to watch the progress of 8 ant like
figures in two rope teams of four as they made their way up and right
across the west facing slope of the Briggs glacier. They called from the
top before losing radio comms to say all was wel and then were gone.

This evening's 2000 satphone sced went smoothly, I was able to relay the
overall picture and the details of coming weather patterns. The news
from the top that they were well, safe in their tents at the Trident
camp by 1830 and had enjoyed supper after a good day's progress in
blustery conditions and mainly poor viz.

The forecast is good so we hope to see them safe and sound in Fortuna
Bay in a few days.

We wait with baited breath...............

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