Monday, October 21, 2013

Fingers crossed for tomorrow’s trek!

Notes from Skip Novak, owner of Pelagic Australis

The hell with a 'light breakfast!' It's porridge, fried eggs and bacon for me tomorrow morning. God knows we will need to be fortified. This is my fifth Shackleton Traverse and I rate this one, as all the previous at this stage, as 'an attempt.' The forecast is anything but auspicious; generally the forecast indicates a west to northwest pattern of moderate to strong winds for the next few days. There is a lull tomorrow morning so we are hoping to be away and up high, out of the rain zone and into the snow zone at least, in order to stay dry. If we can make the first camp on the Trident Ridge by tomorrow evening, then come what may. We might be there a day or two before continuing on and at least committed to the route. With five days, stretched to six of food and fuel, we should be able to find an easing in the weather to get through the critical second day across the Crean and Fortuna Glaciers. But nothing is certain—and that is what this is all about.


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