Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Photos of the Trip

We had a nice party last night with a couple other boats here in Stanley. We're here until Saturday when the weekly plane will hopefully take us to Santiago. Now that we have a bit of bandwidth, here are some pictures of the trip. More to follow at some point, but have to go exploring now.

Setting Sail to South Georgia

Arriving King Haakon Bay, South Georgia

Coming Ashore to Meet our First Fur Seal

Starting the Traverse

First Night Camp at the WindScoop at Trident Ridge

Putting Skins on our Skis

2nd Night Camp Over Possession Bay

Coming Down to Possession Bay

Amy Through the Avalanche Debris Field

Back onboard for a Night

Sailing to Fortuna Bay (Laura and Gretchen)

Starting up the Fortuna Glacier

Getting Steeper - Crampons On

Julian belaying Larry at the top of Breakwind Ridge

Breakwind Ridge from Fortuna Bay

King Penguins at Fortuna

Cresh of King Penguin Chicks

Ed Wading Barefoot Across the Konig Glacier Outflow - Very Cold!

Up to the Stromness Col

Ready to Ski Down to the Stromness Whaling Station

Traverse Team Photo from Left: Larry, Skip, Julian, Amy, Georgio, Ed, Gretchen, Cam

Back on Board

Celebration Dinner aboard Pelagic Australis

Whaling Station at Grytviken

Skiing up to Mount Hodges Col

Ridge of Mt Hodges

Overlooking Grytviken

St Andrews Bay King Penguin Colony ~300,000 Penguins

Prion Island - Nesting place of the Wandering Albatross

Wandering Albatross Fledgeling after about 11 months

Fur Seal

Leaving South Georgia

Albatross Following Us

Heavy Weather Sailing upwind in the Southern Ocean

Amy and Gretchen Taking in a Reef

Arriving Stanley


  1. Welcome back to the Falklands. What an amazing trip you've had! I've followed your adventure daily, vicariously sharing in your daily successes and worrying for you when conditions turned challenging. So glad you are safely back.

  2. You guys made this look easy! It's been fascinating to follow your travel blog these few weeks. I can only imagine the perspective gained from such an adventure.We're glad your back safely.Thanks for sharing and Welcome home!