Friday, October 18, 2013

South Georgia Sails into View at Sunrise!

By Larry Oct 18th arriving at South Georgia

We had the watch from 3-7am local time. What a treat to see the mountains and glaciers of South Georgia emerge out of the darkness and fog. At first we could only see some dark shapes but as the sun the mountains in front of us were in silhouette and the craggy peaks to our port side had a beautiful alpen glow to them.

The waves are still moderate, pushing and rolling us on their way in a hurry, only to crash on the rocks in front of us. Everyone got up, not wanting to miss the spectacular views, continually change as we sail up towards King Haakon Bay. The same bay that Shackleton sailed into. All around us, we can see the amazing turquoise colors of the glaciers with thousands of years of compressed ice flowing into the sea.

Directly ahead of us, we can see the Murray snowfield and Briggs glacier. This is where we plan to ski up. It's a lower ridge on our skyline, meaning that it will be the right place to cross the island, but that doesn't mean it will be easy! We'll be at the top in a few days I hope!


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